Hank Haney: Simplify Your Swing

By Hank Haney Photos by Dom Furore
April 24, 2014

I got in a tweet from follower @ollypearce was familiar. They represent a mistake that a lot of middle-handicappers make. His setup and backswing were pretty good, but at impact, he lost his posture. His upper body was straightening, with his hips pushing toward the ball. Those moves change the whole geometry of the swing and force you to throw the club around your body and flip your hands to hit the shot.

To give yourself room to swing, try this drill. Set your posture at address, then make a slow swing and freeze just before impact (right). Make sure the angle between your upper body and lower body is the same as it was at address. Feel this posture with your weight shifted toward the target, and make some slow, full swings copying that feel all the way through to your finish.

Divide your practice time into thirds—full swing,short game and putting. Then break those into thirds: Driver, middle irons, short irons; pitching, chipping, sand; and long, medium, short putts.

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