HumorJune 26, 2015

Guy gets his head stuck in a trash can at a charity golf tournament

Charity golf tournaments usually involve a lot of booze. But it's all fun and games until somebody sticks their head in a trash can.

(Heads up, there's a moment of choice language amid all the laughing/general mockery of this poor guy.)

This video is first of all, hilarious. When you've got a guy in your group that has the potential to get his head stuck in a trash can, you should have video running constantly.

Second of all, it's so confusing. How exactly did he get his clubs stuck under the trash can while simultaneously getting his head stuck in there? Were any of his clubs damaged during this ordeal? Why is he wearing those kaleidoscope pants? And why did someone in his group have Vaseline in their golf bag?

We hate to leave you with all of these important questions left unanswered. But we can give you the simple advice that no matter how tough it gets out there on the course, do your best to keep your head where it belongs: Not inside trash cans.

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