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Greatest Walk In Golf . . .

March 11, 2009

If Pebble Beach is so beautiful it's often referred to by some as "God's pocket," then Cypress Point is a Grayson Tighe Serpentine Stone fountain pen ($5,500) perfectly placed in the good Lord's pocket protector.

Back in June I wrote a blog about my first round at Cypress Point. (Here's the link to that story). While I was there I took pictures of my day and in addition to framing the scorecard and swearing to never wash the bottom of my bag, I also shot a little video.

I've only recently learned how to post video clips to the blog, so this week I've gone back into my archive to potentially spoil the surprise.

If you haven't played Cypress but you think there's a sliver of a chance you might get the invite one day (hint: befriend the chef): DO NOT CLICK ON THIS CLIP.

The contents of this video, which is the greatest 64 steps in the game of golf, is like getting the collective sneak peek into the endings of Scarface, Braveheart and Gladiator.

You've been warned.

As I finished the par 3, 15th hole (up and down from the front bunker for a par, which stopped a streak of scoring absurdity), I took out my camera and put it in video mode. After I let my playing partners and the caddies walk ahead, I hit the record button and made my way through the tree-lined tunnel to the main stage: The 16th tee box at Cypress Point.

Here's the video and my spontaneous reaction, "Hello! Hello doctor!"

(For better quality, click on the "HQ" in the lower-right corner of the screen).

How'd I do? I hit driver as good as I could into the teeth of a stiff wind. The sun was in our eyes and the glare was fierce. I could've sworn I had plenty to clear the watery grave of all mediocre swings, but I was politely told to hit a provisional. I never found the first ball and played out the provisional for a very pedestrian double bogey. I'll watch great movies as many as three times before they leave the big screen. Someday I'll see that Cypress Point ending again. And hopefully you will too.

*--Matty G.