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Graham DeLaet's clubs get lost on the way to St. Andrews, look like your worst nightmare

Anybody who flies with their golf clubs fears the worst case scenario. The airline sends your sticks to some distant destination when you have the golf trip you've been looking forward to forever. There are worse things that could happen...but off the top of our heads, we can't think of any.

Well, multiply that fear by 10,000 when you're a tour player heading to one of the four biggest tournaments of the year. Graham DeLaet tweeted a picture of his clubs, which he finally got on Tuesday after landing in St. Andrews on Sunday.

DeLaet played a practice round on Monday with a set of clubs that Titleist gave to him. That's another difference between us and tour pros. We don't have trucks ready to build clubs for us on a moment's notice. Still, terrifying if you're a pro.

We really feel for Graham. Air Lingus led him on by making his clubs look fine from the outside. Travel bag doesn't look like the entire bag is covered in what appears to be protein powder from inside his bag. Not sure how that even could have happened -- but it's all over.

DeLaet had some fun with Photoshop...clearly the only explanation for the amount of filth on his clubs is that they were on the back of a monster truck in transit, spilling the protein powder everywhere.

Same thing happened with Russell Henley before the Masters this year. He got his sticks back pretty quickly, so there was a disaster avoided. Rory McIlroy also had his clubs lost for a hot minute last year, too.

We're sure that Graham will have his caddie, former Big Breaker Jules Trudeau, and some Titleist folks help clean his clubs up nice. But still, the fact he's dealing with this, two days away from one of the biggest tournaments of the year, is pretty absurd.