Graeme McDowell offers perfect, hilarious advice for a bad golfer on Twitter

March 04, 2016

One of the great things about Twitter for golfers is that seeking swing advice is easy. We see this all the time, for instance, with Hank Haney, who is generous with his time in critiquing the swings of amateur golfers. On Friday, Graeme McDowell responded to such a request -- with brutal honesty.

A man struggling with his driver sent McDowell a slow-motion clip of him hitting a ball. Here was the U.S. Open champ's hilarious advice:

Dagger! (But probably a good call. Sorry, Cormac.)

Of course, being the good guy that he is, G-Mac responded a few minutes later with more of what the amateur had in mind:

And here's a bonus lesson for you, Cormac: Graeme's 3 Keys to Bust Your Drives. You're welcome.