Grabbing a seat, Masters style

April 11, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga.--It's golf's version of the Running of The Bulls, presumably without the goring. And, for the most part, without the running.

Among the numerous traditions at Augusta National GC and the Masters is the chance for patrons to place seats beside the green of their choice and leave them unattended until they decide to return later in the day. To save the prime spots, spectators do their best to be first in line when the gates officially open at 8 a.m.

Once opened, hundreds of people dart toward the 18th green and other points of interest, all with security officials bellowing one of the Masters favorite mantras: "No running please."

Race walking, however, is an acceptable alternative.

"It's the funniest thing for me every year," said one member of the Augusta National pro shop staff, who stood outside the door with a few of his colleagues to take on this year's spectacle. "It looks like a bunch of ants swarming a piece of food."

At least the ants are allowed to run.

*--Ryan Herrington