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Golfers on Facebook are freaking out about the USGA's latest rule change

November 24, 2015

The USGA announced its latest rules change on Monday, saying that you can't post any score from a round you played alone. The golf community on Facebook isn't having it.

Some are concerned that this rules change means the USGA doesn't trust them at all.

Kyle expressed his views about honor on the golf course, and showed he really needs some new playing partners.

Others spoke about how awesome/necessary it can be to play alone.

There was also a little overreaction in thinking that the USGA is saying you're not allowed to play alone, versus saying you just can't post scores from your solo rounds.

Vanity handicappers mourned the loss of their single digit index.

Some argued that this rule will only get rid of vanity handicappers, who are hurting themselves anyway.

Then the other side, that this rule will get rid of sandbaggers, too.

Others brought up the issue of enforcing this rule...

Because cheaters gonna cheat.

One guy got religious about what constitutes a playing partner...

One optimisitic reader saw the future, and his handicap was higher. And that's good by him.

And then a few international golfers swooped in and made everyone feel silly because turns out this is already a rule in a lot of other countries.