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Golfers are taking advantage of the warm weather. Rounds played numbers are way up

December 23, 2015

PGA PerformanceTrak keeps track of a ton of golf stats, including how many rounds of golf are played. They don’t have the official numbers out yet for November, but their October numbers are up. Average rounds played for the month of October is up 1.5% from last October. Not bad, right?, the website where you can book tee times, has also seen its numbers go up this fall, too. A lot. This needs to be said with the disclaimer that the PGA numbers and the GolfNow numbers measure different things. PGA is all of the golf that’s being played, and GolfNow is just the golf that’s being played when it’s booked through their website.

That being said, these numbers are awesome.

In the Northeast, 44, 731 rounds were booked through GolfNow in November 2014. November 2015 saw 82,752. I’m no mathematician, but that’s pretty close to double.

Up to the same date in December, 2014 had 8,159 Northeastern rounds and 2015 had 35,630 rounds. Again, numbers aren’t my thing, but that’s definitely way more than double.

Other parts of the U.S, have had similar jumps. The Midwest had 9,422 rounds in November 2014, and then 34,780 rounds in November 2015.

Canada, too. They had 257 rounds in the first half of December last year, and 3,684 this year.

The current lack of snow has every skier in a state of depression, but clearly golfers are more than happy to take advantage of it. Here at Golf Digest headquarters the forecast for Christmas Eve is 72 degrees. I think it’s safe to say number of rounds played in December will keep climbing.