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Golfer flies across the country to play Whistling Straits, gets cheated by brutal fog

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Golf is always a risk. A risk to your sanity, a risk to your self-confidence, a risk to your ability to stay friends with your playing partners. It’s also a risk in terms of trying out new courses. Maybe you’ll have the round of your life or maybe, like this unfortunate golfer, you’ll hit the ball into a foggy abyss hoping that you were aiming in the right direction.

“Flew across the country to play Whistling Straits. Here’s my view on the 13th!” said Upbeat-Ferret8961 on r/golf followed by a video of some of the foggiest conditions we have ever seen on a golf course. At least he’s upbeat …

“Last 6 holes were like that, found about half of them,” he went on to admit. “Had good weather at the Irish and Blackwolf River, could have been worse.”

Not only can you not see the hole, but you can’t see the green nor any semblance of a fairway. At this point, you’re just Kramer trying your best to hit the golf ball into the ocean. It’s especially bad when it’s a vaunted course like Whistling Straits. It takes a lot of effort and money to get a tee time at the Wisconsin track. I’m sure this Redditor didn’t expect to be aiming for a towel and praying.

When looking up into the fog, the unlucky sap thought the following, “Half habit half murmuring to myself ‘what the f am I doing?’” We’ve all been there, but most of the time we can see what we’re doing while throwing out some expletives.