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Golf World's Re-design

January 23, 2008

Guys, Changing the format is not working for me. I liked the old Bunker, hi-lited Internet, hi-lited Competition, where's The Through Line? Why did you change the Front 9? The magazine font is difficult to read - way too small. Light Colors for the various sections don't call out to me. If you don't go back to larger font I'll have to get New Reading Glasses....Bring back last year's model!!!

That's Golf World reader Greg Makowski of St. Mary's, Florida, and he's not alone...

Hey Guys: I could not agree more with Andrew Fesuk, mail letters Jan 18,2008 issue. I purchased some 2.75 readers and still had trouble with the small print and the white glare. And then the colored columns with light letters, give me a break. Change the print size back. Love Golf Worldâ¿¿â¿¿â¿¿â¿¿â¿¿â¿¿.but! John Sutphen, The Villages

I don't like the new format AT ALL. The " front 9" uses an orange color text which is hard to read. The " lipouts" were always enjoyable- now gone? Your use of pale green , light blues for text/headlines is difficult to read- doesn't stand out like before. Can I have my previous, loved, and enjoyable publication back...PLEASE !!! Michael Vander Zwan

I've been a long time fan and subscriber to Golf World.... why then, do I now need to use a magnifying glass to read the new smaller font? Bad idea as far as I can pun intended....Bill Krampe

Guys, er, Gentlemen: We hear you loud and clear. Though every re-design brings some complaint, this one has brought a large number of them. The editors and art director are looking for ways to adjust the redesign so that the magazine easier for you to read. Thanks for the input, as always.

--Bob Carney