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December 17, 2008

I spent some more time cluttering up the airwaves (again) last weekend. I went on Sporting News Radio and specifically the show, Golf World On Air (Saturday: 7 AM--9 AM ET), hosted by Mark Wood, Tim Rosaforte and Randell Mell.

Wood is an instructor who's ranked by Golf Digest as one of the top teachers in the country. He works with Stewart Cink, Dudley Hart and Bo Van Pelt.

Mell's a senior writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. I've never met him and he didn't say much during the interview but I'm sure he's a cool cat.

Rosaforte, of course, is the ultimate modern-day (golf) journalist. He's everywhere, blurring the boundaries of print, Internet and TV. Not only is he in the pages of Golf World and Golf Digest, he's all over and, he's a regular on the Golf Channel as well as NBC throughout their major golf broadcasts. I might also mention he has been (one of many) valuable mentors and friends I've gathered as I've worked in golf at Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest.

Here's a link to the 10-minute segment in which we spoke about some of my favorite courses in the country, the Ambush, and how this economy will affect the game and the traveler in search of great golf. I also finally caught up with Boo Weekley for an upcoming travel Q&A. I give an anecdote or two from our conversation. It turns out Weekley's representation may have been running interference for him a few weeks ago but once I got to speak to Boo directly, he was nothing but, well, Boo.

--Matty G.