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Golf the best sport on TV?

June 26, 2008

You've heard from Michael Lewis, who doesn't even think golf's a sport. And many of you have your problems with golf coverage (see recent comments and letters on Curtis Strange, Johnny Miller, etc.) Here's another view, not from an old fogie but from a college sports editor who really likes what he sees of golf on television. Marty Hastings, sports editor of the Omega, the Thompson Rivers University daily newspaper writes:

At this moment in time, I would like to announce that the sport of golf is, hands down, the most entertaining sport on television. In fact, there is nothing else on television as engaging as golf is right now, period.

And holy cow there's more:

New technology allows viewers to see professional golf swings slowed down to the point where they can visibly see the golf ball compress as it is launched of the face of the driver. Viewers who don't care about the compressing ball can just focus on certain parts of the golfer's anatomy, which can be just as fascinating.

Hastings acknowledges that Tiger inspired his, and many others', appreciation for the game. But it hasn't stopped with Tiger.

Golf started to lose its reputation as a boring sport when Tiger burst onto the scene and made golf cool. Ever since then, more and more young people have been flocking to the game. Now the young talent that picked up clubs after being inspired by Tiger is competing on both the men's and women's tours. If you are a fan of the sport of golf then you don't need convincing; it's a great game without the frills and gimmicks. It's the people with preconceived notions that need to be pushed towards the game. I urge anyone who has never given golf a chance to tune in one Sunday and check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

--Bob Carney