Golf shirts that change color in the heat

June 06, 2011

Quagmire Golf is unabashedly quirky, as its "chilled lifestyle brand" suggests. In keeping with its reputation, it has introduced a line of polos called ColorFusion in which the colors change as the temperature warms.

ColorFusion, no doubt, is not for everyone, least of all traditionalists. In other words, Quagmire's new Arnie line of apparel it is developing in partnership with Arnold Palmer Enterprises won't be using ColorFusion.

But one group to which ColorFusion almost certainly would appeal: Kids. When the temperature hits 68 degrees, the kids' polos change from purple to pink, blue to white, green to yellow or orange to yellow. Go here to see a demonstration from Quagmire, using a steamer.


Quagmire has them available for kids from 4 to 14 and in sizes XS to XXL and the MSRP is $39. The shirts can be washed as normal, and, as Quagmire points out, the fun is watching them change back to their original color when they begin to cool after pulling them from a dryer.

-- John Strege