'Golf has been my savior'

May 23, 2009

Paul Kimmage has a fascinating story in the Times of London on former tennis great Ivan Lendl that touches on his passion for golf that has helped fill a competitive void left by his retirement from tennis.

"I belong to four clubs and between the four of them I have won the club championships 25 times now, which is a highlight for me," he tells Kimmage. "It sounds silly in a way when you've won the French and the U.S. Opens to be worrying about the club championships but the competitiveness is still there.

"Golf," he says, "has been my savior. I would have been at home biting my dogs."

Lendl, 49, attempted to qualify for golf's U.S. Open last year. He has three daughters who are excelling at golf, including his oldest, Marika, a freshman golfer at Florida.

-- John Strege