Golf Dreams

February 01, 2008

David Owen's piece on golf dreams hit home with Jamie Thould of Winnepeg. Here's David:


My friend Jim has a recurring nightmare. "I've had it a bunch of times," he told me recently. "I'm a guest at a very fancy club, the only guest in the foursome. They ask me to tee off. I put my ball on the tee, but when I address it, I'm in the club's grillroom, which is full of people eating and drinking. At the very end of the room, there's a door that opens to the first fairway. I'm supposed to thread my tee shot through all the people and furniture and out that door. When I hesitate, for fear of killing someone, the other three guys and most of the others in the grillroom laugh. I stand there paralyzed, just like [name withheld] with the full-swing yips."

And Jim:

I have had variations on the same dream over the past few years. I thought that I was really losing it until one day I casually described one of these dreams to my regular playing partners and they informed me that they too had experienced this phenomenon. I have since discovered that Alice Cooper has been "tortured" by this dream as well. It would be interesting to hear if there any Tour players out there who have suffered from the same affliction!

Love to hear from more of you on your golf dreams....

--Bob Carney

(Illustration by Lou Beach)