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Golf Digest Podcast: What is good golf etiquette these days?

December 14, 2016

Golf etiquette is a moving target. For decades, there was a right way and a wrong way to conduct yourself on a golf course, and the game didn't leave much room for ambiguity.

But there's a lot about golf that is different in the modern era, and etiquette sits on something of a fault line. On one side are the people who feel the game comes with an expectation of proper decorum, and there are those who think the game needs to adapt to the changing, more habits of the 21st century -- particularly at a point where golf is eager to attract new players.

The feature "The New Rules Of Golf Etiquette" attempts to sift through some of those aspects of golf -- from pace of play to tipping to giving putts -- and provide some clarity. But there's still plenty to discuss, which is why editors Sam Weinman, Alex Myers, Joel Beall, and Keely Levins gathered to talk about golf etiquette and where we draw the line between lightening up and honoring the spirit of the game.