Golf Digest Podcast: Tim Rosaforte on breaking the Arnold Palmer news, and who the good guys are on tour

March 16, 2016

Few people are more connected in golf than Tim Rosaforte, who balances his role as a senior writer for Golf World with analyst duties on Golf Channel. It was Rosaforte who broke the news on Tuesday morning that Arnold Palmer will not hit this year's ceremonial tee shot at Augusta National, and a few years back drew the ire of the Washington press corps by being the first to report on President Barack Obama's friendly round with Tiger Woods.

Rosaforte has long been the most likely guy to unearth some new nugget about the biggest names in golf, and he joined Sam Weinman this week to discuss how he got the news about Palmer, what he likes and dislikes covering the game's newest crop of stars, and when we might next see Tiger Woods in a tournament.