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Golf Digest Podcast: Discussing Sergio Garcia's Masters victory on the drive from Augusta to Atlanta

April 10, 2017
Masters 2017 Round 4

Charlotte Observer

I'd add a dateline, but it was a moving target as Sam Weinman and I sped west on I-20 from Augusta to Atlanta International Airport on Monday morning. And as we drove, we decided to record our conversation about the thrilling Masters we had seen finish up just hours before.

Somewhere, Sergio Garcia was in possession of a green jacket. And there was so much to talk about.

Why was this the week Garcia finally broke through at a major? What was the biggest surprise of the weekend? And would we make it to our flight in time? Here’s our recap of the year’s first major, with a breakdown of topics:

3:20 . . . Why we doubted Sergio Garcia all week (Whoops).

4:45 . . . Is Sergio Garcia a Hall of Famer?

9:30 . . . What makes Augusta National so great -- especially on Sundays.

13:15 . . . Dustin Johnson's strange, disappointing week.

17:05 . . . Were the patrons rooting against Justin Rose?

21:15 . . . The tour pros who didn't think Sergio could win the Masters.

27:50 . . . Why winning a major is never a certainty -- no matter how talented a player is.

31:05 . . . Will Sergio stop by our office putting green for a contest?

34:30 . . . Was Tiger Woods missed at the Masters?