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Golf Digest Legibility

January 11, 2008

The "readability" of Golf Digest and specifically the size of the print in the magazine has been the subject of several letters of late. The latest comes from a reader in Vienna, Virginia.

A recent letter to the editor complained about the size of the print used in your magazine. Apparently that letter was not considered important, since there has been no adjustment in the size of the print used in your articles. I have been a reader/subscriber to your magazine for many years and, now in my late 60's, have reached the point where I cannot bother to try to read the tiny print you are using for many of your articles...particularly those with blue print. I receive the renewal offers, but why would I want to renew my subscription when I will not bother to try to read the tiny print?

For the record, we consider the issue an important one and are looking at ways to alleviate the problem, in keeping with a design that we feel has improved the overall look of the magazine.

Thanks to all who have written for bringing the issue to our attention.

--Bob Carney