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Golf Digest celebrates Arnold Palmer's life with a special tribute issue

October 04, 2016

He was a showman, a pitchman, a gentleman and a champion golfer. Indeed, Arnold Palmer was many things to many people, but perhaps more than anything, he was an everyman who would become the most beloved player the game has ever known.

Following his passing last month at age 87, Golf Digest has published a special 100-page tribute issue that celebrates Arnie’s life.

The issue chronicles his career on and off the golf course, offering rich details about the Pennsylvania native who’d come to be known The King, accompanied by memorable photos from his childhood through his Hall of Fame career.

Jack Nicklaus, Dan Jenkins, Tom Callahan, Dave Kindred, Guy Yocom, Jaime Diaz and Tim Rosaforte, among others, share classic stories about a classic golfer, in further appreciation of why Palmer meant so much to so many. Golf Digest editors also mine the archives for some of Palmer’s best instruction tips, lessons that still resonate today.

The issue is available at newsstands or can be ordered online. A digital version of the issue is also available on Golf Digest Magazine's iTunes and Android apps.