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January 30, 2008

Dean J. Toriello has an early Dean's report on the state of television coverage:

Now that the broadcast season has started I would like to make two pleas to the announcers that do such a fine job to enhance our enjoyment. These two issues have been bothering me for years. 1. I KNOW that I am watching golf! I would like to eliminate the frequent use of "golf" as an adjective. "That was some GOLF shot!" and countless similar statements drive me nuts! 2. I would like the use of the term"effort" eliminated from descriptions of bad shots--bad "golf " shots if you will--and bad putts. Each and every time a golfer misses a putt or hits a poor shot they always comment that "that wasn't his best effort." I would argue that these pros always give it their best "effort" but mis-read the green or simply just hit a bad shot! Otherwise you're doing a fine job boys and girls!>

I'm with you, Dean, especially on number one. Happens in other sports, too, but not so much, maybe because they move faster. You will not hear, for example, "Great FOOTBALL pass by Tom Brady" or "What a FOOTBALL punt by Jay Feagle!" No time. But you're right; we'll hear of many more fine or improving "golf swings", "golf shots", "golf holes", "golf games" and "golf clubs" in the coming (golf) season.

By the way, that was a fine golf letter you wrote, sir.

--Bob Carney