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"Golf After War" Cover

June 02, 2008

It's hard to remember when an issue of Golf World got more mail. Much of it has been about Bill Fields' column on President Bushing giving up the game during war time.

Surprisingly, we even had different reactions to the cover.

Ken Towns of Penn Valley, California, thought Ryuji Imada got a raw deal after winning the AT&T Classic in Atlanta.

I believe that Ryuji Imada was unjustly treated by not having his first PGA tour victory celebrated with his picture on your cover. It could have been shared with whomever you thought was as deserving equal billing. There is only one first victory and it should have been honored at a higher level than it was.

But Nathan Crace, a golf course architect in Magee, Mississipi, couldn't have been more moved by the cover photo and the story.

I am laminating the May 23rd cover of GolfWorld featuring double amputee war veteran Dan Nevins and keeping it in my golf bag. The next time I'm playing with someone who is complaining about "only" hitting a drive 260 yards or missing a short par putt, I will hand them the cover and suggest they keep things in perspective. God bless all of the men and women in our military (and their families) who are willing to defend the rest of us and this great country!>

I'm with you, Nathan, and it's Dan Nevins' smile that makes that cover so great. I think I'll laminate it, too.

--Bob Carney

(Cover photo by Dom Furore)