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Going Frugal

November 08, 2008

I suspect we'll be getting more letters like this one from Bill Sheehan of Frankfort, IL.


I just read Marty Hackel's article > ("Timeless Classics") in the November issue. $677 for a golf outfit??!! I bought an Izod polo for $14.89 at Sam's Club, a pair of Dockers on sale and with a store coupon for $28 at a large retail chain store, a belt at a Hilfiger outlet for $10, pair of sunglasses at a pro shop on sale for $29, a pair of FootJoys on sale at a golf retail shop for $49.99 and received a Callaway hat as a gift. The total: $131.88. I'll take the $545.12 difference and apply it to greens fees.>


Thanks, Bill. I've been known to peruse the shelves of T.J.Maxx myself. By the way, you'll see the return of the Frugal Golfer to Golf Digest pages soon. We're all feeling the pinch.

--Bob Carney