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The Georgia Bulldogs should be National Champions based off this uniform reveal alone

September 17, 2020

We're just nine days away from the SEC season getting underway, which means one thing: it's UNI REVEAL SZN. On Thursday morning, we had a clear clubhouse leader in Ole Miss, which unveiled these unbelievably sexy electric blue jerseys for its Week 1 matchup against Florida. Winner winner, gator dinner. 

Well, as "College GameDay"'s Lee Corso loves to say, not so fast my friend! The Rebels were 2020 uni reveal champs for about 16 hours, right up until the Georgia Bulldogs swept in ACDC style. BACK IN BLACK BABY: 

Now, you may be saying to yourself "what makes these so great? Hasn't Georgia worn these in the past, including that time they got murdered by Alabama at home?" To that I'd say, yes, they did, but those black jerseys didn't have the sick spiked collar, otherwise known as a chef's kiss. Hot hot heat. Also, Georgia wore them when they beat the crap out of Hawaii and Colt Brennan. People forget. 

But, more importantly, the Dawgs also unveiled a throwback away uniform. Let's just say I'm not sure how my laptop didn't combust when I opened this tweet: 

HOT. FIRE. Oh, and let's not forget the hype video: 

How 'bout them Dawds indeed. If they can devote the same amount of energy into the SEC Title game as they did this uni reveal, they'll be in business.