If smashing a COVID piñata is wrong, the Georgia Tech basketball team doesn't want to be right

December 10, 2020

Remember when Miami's turnover chain was all the rage? It spawned a number of tokens for celebrating in the years to come, like the turnover cane, chainsaw, spiked collar, etc. They've all been great, but none of them will ever be able to compete with the ... COVID To celebrate a win over Nebraska, GT head coach Josh Pastner broke out a ... COVID piñata????

Yes, the COVID piñata is not only real, it's spectacular, and it came from another sport - college basketball. Following his team's first road win of the season, Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner, donned in a face shield, took the COVID piñata out of the box and asked one of his players to come smash it open. Thankfully, the only thing inside was a bunch of delicious candy and not an actual virus: 

What an absurd time to be alive. Imagine showing this photo to someone a year ago today? 


Personally, I'd guess that this photo was from a brand new sport created 2020, not from a college basketball postgame celebration for a 75-64 win over Nebraska. Wild times.