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GD Tested: Should you dump your 6-iron?

January 29, 2019

Bettmann/Getty Images

Hybrids are changing the typical set makeup from eight irons to seven, six or even five. The larger size, larger face, hollow construction and wider sole mean more distance, more forgiveness and higher launch compared to similarly lofted irons. It’s why some hybrid lines now include 6-, 7- and even 8-iron lofts. Does it make sense for you?

Well, in a Golf Digest exclusive test by national fitting chain and 100 Best Clubfitter Club Champion, players of all skill levels hit a 6-hybrid higher and farther with no change in landing angle, so those shots were holding greens, too. The 6-hybrid shots carried 10 yards farther than a 6-iron and spun slightly more—rolling out a little less than the lower-flying 6-iron shots.

High-handicappers benefited more, carrying shots with a 6-hybrid an average of 18 yards farther than a 6-iron. Low-handicappers saw just a seven-yard gain. “Those benefits should really be considered,” says Nick Sherburne, Club Champion founder. “But watch the distances. For example, you might need a 6-hybrid and a 6-iron.”

How to tell the best answer, and determine the best hybrid replacement for you? The fitter is always the best answer. But a great way to prepare for that fitting experience is to run through your past 10 rounds and ask yourself: How was my 6-iron performance?

If the answer is anything less than consistent, it might be time to consider swapping out a middle-iron for a hybrid.