Garsen Golf and its new take on putter grips

June 04, 2013

Have you ever given much thought to what a putter grip might do to improve your putting stroke? Probably not, but Bernerd Garsen has, and he has taken what he learned and started a putter grip company.

Garsen Golf will soon introduce the G-Pro Edge grip that Garsen says can help. The difference in his grip is that the top is an inverted V shape, putting the hands in a neutral position by placing one thumb on each side of the grip. This in turn, he said, pulls the elbows in closer to the body, pushes the shoulders back and removes tension.

"I was an assistant golf pro, and just by working with people and being around golf, I saw that people had a lot of wrist breakdown," Garsen said, explaining why he set out to reinvent the putter grip. "The putter grip hasn't been changed in ages except for size and material. This is a new shape, a new design."

He has been introducing the grips to tour players recently and said two on the Champions Tour put the grips into play last week at the Principal Charity Classic. Moreover, two prominent teaching pros, Mike Bender and Mike Shannon, "are both promoting it," Garsen said.

The grips will come in eight colors and retail for $22.95. Over-sized grips also will become available. "Received the sample of the G-Pro MAX semi jumbo grip. Watch out Super Stroke were going to take over," Garsen Golf's Twitter feed stated. SuperStroke produces the over-sized putter grips that has gained wide acceptance on the PGA Tour.