Underrated moments in golf history: That time Psy's "Gangnam Style" took center stage at a PGA Tour event

December 04, 2014

On Wednesday, Korean rapper Psy's famed "Gangnam Style" music video made more news for maxing out YouTube's video counter at 2,147,483,647. Yes, that's more than two BILLION for those who aren't good with numbers.

Here's the official video (there are others with tons of views as well), which was uploaded on July 15, 2012, in case you forgot or are the only person on Earth with access to a computer who hasn't seen it yet:

YouTube probably doesn't have to worry about Hahn's video breaking its counter, but the clip is up to more than 328,000 views (only 2.1 BILLION and change behind!). Not bad for a golfer whose biggest claim to fame is. . . OK, so that's probably his biggest claim to fame.

UPDATE: After beating Dustin Johnson in a playoff at Riviera on Sunday, Hahn is now known for winning the Northern Trust Open and for his dance moves. With the victory, Hahn qualifies for the Masters for the first time. We don't anticipate him going Gangnam style at Augusta National, but we can dream, right?