Freezing The Blur: Augusta National As You've Never Seen It

April 04, 2017

There's no running at Augusta National, but at last year's Masters, Golf Digest Senior Staff Photographer Dom Furore captured the flow of the crowd by using long exposures. "Generally four to 15 seconds," he says. "On hole No. 2, I stacked several images to get blur in different areas because the crowd moves in different places at different times." Augusta National bans tripods for photographers at the Masters, but our man leaned against trees for support: "The surprising thing was how much those huge trees vibrate on a windy day, and we had a couple of those. I had to shoot a lot of frames to get a sharp one." Dom, who has been photographing the scenes at Augusta National since 1986, tweaked his technique all week to find the best locations and light. Masters Week is always a blur, but as you can see here, he never lost focus.

Heavy traffic: Fans frame the second (above) and 13th (below) at the 2016 Masters.