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Fred Couples and Julius Boros

March 27, 2008

From Dick Hochman, of Savannah, comes a mild chiding...

Attribution. That's all that's missing; and it's really no big deal at that. The important thing is that I LOVED > Fred Couples' article:" Swing Easy, Hit Hard". What a joy to be able to re-visit this concept again, 43 years later. You see, the book, > "Swing Easy, Hit Hard", was written by Julius Boros and published in 1965. Great 'stuff' then and, in this day of super-power golf, even more important now.

I guess it takes someone of a 'certain' age to recognize and enjoy good thing again and again.>


Dick, thanks for the note. We remember Boros' book and should have reminded readers, too. The two players have a bit in common. Boros won 18 times, including three majors. Couples has 15 wins, including one Masters and two Players Championships. Couples has made a living in the Silly Season and Boros helped start the original Silly Season, the senior tour.

Mostly they share swings that make the game look simple and power easy to come by.

--Bob Carney