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Fred Couples

February 11, 2008

Lots of mail already on one of the most popular players ever to play the game, most popular certainly with our readers. Here are a couple different takes on Jaime Diaz's piece on Couples in March:


From Art Markey of Stuart, Fl.:

Late on a Sunday afternoon in 1991 shortly after the closing ceremonies of that year's Ryder Cup played at Kiawah, my wife and I and two friends from England were walking to the beach for one last swim in the ocean when we came upon a small gathering of perhaps a dozen fans who were waiting around outside the building where the players were all staying. Just as we got there, a courtesy car pulled up and three U. S. players got out. They ignored the fans who politely asked for autographs and hustled inside without saying a word or signing a single autograph. A few seconds later another courtesy car pulled up and Fred Couples, Chip Beck and Mark O'Meara got out. Each of them graciously signed autographs for several minutes. One woman who nearly fainted at the sight of Couples somehow got up the courage to ask him if he would mind if her husband took her picture with him. He cheerily obliged, putting his arm around her waist and asking her name. That woman is my wife and she treasures that memory and that picture to this day. We're both BIG Fred Couples fans.

And Lee Merrick of Newport Beach:

After reading the article about Fred Couples, I was left with an impression that I would never have imagined about him. No family, no home, a waning career, friends held at arms length...very sad.

In other words, it's not so easy being Fred. Though he's made it easy for us to love the pro game.

--Bob Carney

(Photo by Dom Furore)