Former Miss World competitor has found a new job: caddie.

April 30, 2015

Ever wonder what former Miss Norway winners do when they're retired?

Ok, yeah, me either. But Ingrid Martens, champion of the Miss Norway competition and contestant in the Miss World competition in 1984, has become a caddie.

She's not on any random bag, though. She's carrying for her daughter.


Martens' daughter, Caroline, started playing when her mom picked up the game in 1999. Caroline was 13 at the time, and got serious about golf pretty quickly. In 2013, Caroline was the top finisher at Q School for the Ladies European Tour, crushing the field by eight strokes. Yahoo reports that Ingrid was on the bag that day, too. "I was a very proud mother that week. It was amazing and with about five holes to go I was crying."

Caroline's been playing on the LET ever since.

Unfortunately, she's had some tough luck with injuries and has only cracked the top 20 once this season.

In part, that's why Ingrid is on the bag: Caroline hasn't won yet, and she's still looking for sponsors. Once Caroline's financial situation is more stable, Ingrid will probably leave the bag.

"If (Caroline) gets on the LPGA Tour, for example, she will have to get a professional," Ingrid said, I'm not going to move to the U.S. unless she pays me very, very well."