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Gambler wins 400 times(!) his wager on crazy 9-way Super Bowl parlay

February 05, 2018

It's not quite the reported $5 million-plus won by the famed "Let it Ride" gambler on the Eagles, but another football fan pulled off a crazy 9-way Super Bowl parlay. One that made him/her 400 times(!) his original wager.

If you don't know what a parlay is, it's a multiple-part bet that offers a big payout. The catch is that you have to get all the parts of the bet right in order to win. In this case, the gambler chose nine bets that had 50/50 odds, ranging from the spread of the game (Eagles +4.5) to Tom Brady's total passing yards being an odd number (He wound up throwing for 505 yards in the loss). Basically, he correctly called nine coin flips in a row to make nearly $6,000 on a $15 wager. Check it out:

Not too shabby. The craziest part is that this mystery gambler had to sweat out six of these nine bets right down to the last play of the game, a 49-yard Hail Mary attempt by Brady. In any event, his/her love of odd numbers really paid off.