Follow-Along Golf: Cardio Workouts


Minute Workout


Minute Workout


Minute Workout

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Whether you’re playing tennis, basketball, soccer or any other physically taxing sport, your cardiovascular conditioning improves as you play. Golf doesn’t really offer that benefit. That’s why we need to get our heart rates up doing something other than swinging a club. But instead of (yawn) jogging on a treadmill or letting your butt go numb on a stationary bike, what if there was a way to train to play better golf and get a cardio boost at the same time?

We went to golf-fitness professional Kaitlyn Pimentel, a former college golfer at Brown University, and asked if she could create workouts that would help golfers prepare their bodies for golf and also improve their conditioning. In this video series, Pimentel takes you through 10-, 15- and 20-minute workouts that improve flexibility, strength, power, coordination and cardiovascular health. Even better, they target the parts of the body needed to avoid common injuries and maximize performance when you practice and play.

All you have to do is choose the workout that fits your level of fitness or time constraints, and then follow along as Kaitlyn coaches another former college golfer, Stephanie Sullivan, through the exercises. Only have 10 minutes? Fine. Want to kick it up a notch? Try the 15- or 20-minute versions. No matter which workout you pick, the focus on mobility, stability and cardiovascular conditioning will leave you feeling energized to go play.


1 10-Minute Workout

2 15-Minute Workout

3 20-Minute Workout