Fitness Friday: Your bonus 20-in-20 workout

*Every week my colleague Ron Kaspriske, Golf Digest Fitness Editor, presents Fitness Friday on the Instruction Blog. This week he finishes his 20-in-20 workout series. This program will get your golf muscles in shape so you can swing better with less chance of injury. Look for Weekend Tip tomorrow, and remember to follow me on Twitter: @RogerSchiffman**.

Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest*

__Here's Ron:__If you combine the original beginner and advanced 20-in-20 workouts from last year and the new advanced version that was unveiled over the past five weeks, you should have a full library of golf exercises to keep you busy all spring and summer. Any time things start to get stale, go ahead and replace one exercise with another from the library. The only catch is that you need an equal number of lower-body and upper-body moves, so don't replace the med-ball push-up with a squat thrust, for example. If you're not familiar with the 20-in-20, it's simply doing two sets of 10 different exercises in 20 minutes or less. You essentially are combining your strength-training and cardio training into one efficient workout.

This week, based on your requests on Twitter (you can follow me @RonKaspriske), I'm going to give you two bonus exercises from the advanced 20-in-20 library. The hamstring-scissors exercise will strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings and also many of your core muscles. The one-legged glute bridge is a great way to achieve muscle symmetry in your gluteal muscles and also improve your sense of balance.

Next week, I'm going to start another series on common swing faults and the physical deficiency that often is the cause of the problem.

*Ron Kaspriske

Fitness Editor

Golf Digest*