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Fitness Friday: TRX for golfers

September 05, 2014

Admit it. Every time you go to the gym you walk past that suspension-trainer, gaze curiously at the apparatus, and then keep walking. While it's certainly understandable that training devices such as TRX or Redcord can appear intimidating, they're actually some of the best pieces of gym equipment you can use. They're far better than most of the machines you'll find in a big-box commercial gym—especially for golfers.


On a personal note, I still get a little freaked out when I place a foot in the harness and work on single-leg exercises. But I'm freaked out in a good way, as the level of instability it creates automatically makes me use muscles that rarely get trained properly doing standard exercises.

My friend Trevor Anderson (@TA2claps), fitness director for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, put together a pretty simple dynamic warm-up for golfers using a TRX Trainer. You can view it here (PDF file). But I also reached out to Scott Gump at TRX (@trxtraining) for a bonus exercise that is great for golfers. You can view it by clicking on the video below, but read his instructions first.

TRX Golf Rotation

__Setup:__Adjust the TRX Suspension Trainer to mid-length and stand facing the anchor point. Grip the handles with your arms extended in front of you and bend your knees slightly

__Movement:__Press down on both handles and rotate your shoulders, reaching up and back with both arms.

__Return:__Lower both arms back to center, lift chest and keep tension on the TRX.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.