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Fitness Friday: Get dynamic with your core workout

July 08, 2016

Over the past two weeks, Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear has unveiled a new and progressive grouping of exercises designed specifically to provide stability to the muscles of the mid-section of a golfer's body. In the first week, he provided three stability moves from a half-kneeling position. Last week, he progressed to standing exercises. You can see the first two weeks here.

Now it's time to demo three exercises that require stability while the body is moving. Why is this important for golfers? Hopefully the answer is obvious. You need control of your torso as you swing, and the core muscles provide that. But if they aren't trained to provide stability while moving, that job just got a lot tougher. Dynamic training is a very good idea for golfers, Shear says, and these three exercises are a great place to start.

With all these core exercises, generally do a minimum of two sets (in each direction or with both limbs) and eight to 10 reps. In the first two weeks of training (parts one and two of this series), you can also resist the pulling for a longer duration of time. In other words, hold the position statically as long as you can. But this last part, do reps instead. Click on the video below to see these new dynamic moves.