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Fitness Friday: Making a better backswing

December 20, 2012

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Backswings come in all shapes and sizes on the PGA Tour, but there is one commonality. Whether it's J.B. Holmes' short-arm approach or Bubba Watson's Gumby-like move off the ball, the best players get their upper bodies fully turned. You'll never see a PGA Tour pro take the club back solely with their arms, but it's a common occurrence among amateurs.

There are two typical reasons for this type of abbreviated backswing. The first is psychosomatic. Amateurs are afraid if they turn their bodies away from the ball, they will swing and miss. The second is a physical issue. Many players can't turn more than a few inches because of limited mobility in their hips and mid-back.

If you fall into category No. 2, Golf Digest fitness advisor Randy Myers says there are a couple of simple exercises you can do to improve your turn. Myers, who works with many PGA Tour players including Dustin Johnson, turned on the camera and had trainer Jorge Parada and PGA Tour rookie Jonas Blixt(pictured) demonstrate them. Add these moves to your workout and you'll soon be making a better turn. Click on the video below to watch.

Ron Kaspriske is fitness editor for Golf Digest. His Fitness Friday column will resume on Jan. 4th.

(Photo by Getty Images*)