Fields on W's Golf

I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal. President George W. Bush

*__Whether George W. Bush played golf or not throughout his presidency while his war raged—CBS News says his last round was nearly two months after the round he cited, by the way—doesn't matter. Golf is not the problem. __*Bill Fields


Bill Fields' column in the May 23 issue of Golf World, "Golf a casualty when war of words heats up", drew a crowd.

Two Michigan readers, already driven to distraction by the Michigan economy and Detroit mayoral scandals apparently, rose with alacrity to the President's defense. Here's Bill Hobson of Millington:

It stunned me to see how badly Bill Fields' anti-Bush sentiments led him to whiff on the entire point of the President's wartime golf embargo. The only thing Fields got right was the assertion that "golf is not the problem." True. The global fight on terrorism is the problem. The security of our nation is the problem. And if the head of our nation chooses to honor the brave soldiers in even the smallest of ways, why must that gesture be attacked? Mr. Fields - like most of the established press - refuses to ever give credit to the President for anything. Bush didn't hold up his golf sacrifice in hopes of gaining approval points or to encourage others to forsake the game. He simply cited it as a personal change he has made as Commander In Chief during a war.

GolfWorld would do well to direct its editorial content toward golf-related themes. The attack from Fields belongs in the NY Times.>

J. Lawrence Benjamin of Saginaw saw it just about the same way:

If Bill Fields accomplished anything with his column on President Bushgiving up golf he proved that golf writers can find themselves in deep bunkers when trying to make points on the geopolitical landscape. While I expect ignorant liberal whining from the network talking heads, I don't expect this kind of baseless blather in a golf magazine. It's clear Mr. Fields will never grasp the full complexity of a global war on terror, but he might try and understand that the president's decision to give up golf was not out of solidarity for the troops but out of respect for those fighting. There is a difference. It's an image that simply doesn't fly with so many liberal cowards out there crying out for an international group hug. Now can we get back to writing about some golf and leave the arm chair>

political analysis to Dan Rather and Michael Moore.

Gene Henry of Hilton Head also protested:

I love GW but subscribe for terrific writing and reporting on GOLF! If Geoff Russell and Bill Fields want to get in the political arena send them to CNN. Or you will find me gone! I did not appreciate their uncalled for shots at President Bush at all. Stick to golf where you are consistently the best!

What are we missing? Have a look at the President's swing.

My experience is that Liberals read and write more slowly. If that's the case, we may hear voices in Fields' defense any day now.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)