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Feherty Continued

May 19, 2009

Golf World's report on David Feherty's apology has landed, spurring further comment from our (mostly Feherty-supportive) readers. Three more emails:

__Dear Editor, I read with great interest your "Bunker News" (May 18, 2009) regarding "Feherty apologizes for D Magazine article." I casually know David Feherty, and with him there are no pulled punches. He speaks his mind fairly and directly, and for that I admire and respect him. His comments concerning Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are shared by many Americans. An apology may have been politically correct, but unfortunately not really necessary. Further, I am willing to guess that David has given more of his time and money for the benefit of our troops than these two politicians combined. Ron Stahlschmid__t

__Dear Editor, No I hadn't heard about the 2-bullets-for-Pelosi comment, and want to thank you for including it. Not sure why it's a PR nightmare however-if he doesn't know and tell the truth about his knowledge of how our troops feel, how can his comments about the golfers he covers have any validity. When a golfer craps-Feherty is on it. Why should politicians be treated any differently. Problem is his is dead on-Pelosi and Reid have earned and deserve to be insulted. Score another for Feherty and the Truth Wagon. Love the publication-keep telling it straight. Ed Kaake Indianapolis, IN __


Dear Editor, Personally I think that he has nothing to apologize about. I bet that that's how the troops feel anyway. The troops fight for this country and freedom of speech. I think that Faherty stated it very well. The press and everybody else can do Bush bashing, but this is different? Let's be adults about this. Vito Ramanauskas Peoria, AZ

__> __

Dear Editor, Your magazine has been read cover to cover for many years by myself. The recent flap about David Feherty's coment about Nancy Pelosi does not suprise me at all. The one disappointment I've found in your magazine in the recent past has been the childish and low-level humor that Feherty has made in his opinion column. It is distasteful at best. Anyone who has read any of them knows what I'm referring to. Golf as a whole deserves better than that drivel. Allan Petersen Gloucester, MA

__> Thank you all. Note: David does not write for us; he writes his column for Golf Magazine and, though frequently scatalogical, it is funny as hell. If Feherty made a mistake, it was speaking for the troops. There are a lot of them; speaking on their behalf is a big, complicated job. Keeping track of one's own opinions is hard enough. --Bob Carney