Whether you tend to hit slices or snap-hooks, skulls or chunks, pushes or dead pulls, your typical ball-flight misses are easily correctable if you understand what’s causing them. Then you have to learn the corrections you can make to banish these shots from your game.

The good news: It doesn't take years of practice or a degree in physics to learn how to improve your full-swing shots. In most cases, all you need to do is make a few easy adjustments to your stance and swing to change your ball flight. And if you use practice drills to reinforce those adjustments, you'll quickly be hitting your most accurate shots ever.

That's what Golf Digest Teaching Professional Josh Zander covers in his six-part video series “Fault Fixer: The Full Swing.” Josh shows how easy it can be to identify your recurring misses, find out what's causing them, and correct them once and for all.


1 The Push

2 The Slice

3 The Pull

4 The Hook

5 The Thin Shot

6 The Fat Shot

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