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Fashion-forward Golf Digest products inspired by vintage issues of our magazine

August 12, 2019

Golf Digest has teamed with some of the game’s coolest brands to launch a line of limited-edition products. Here’s a sampling of what’s available now at

1. Seamus “Don’t Ask” Flask
The “Don’t Ask” logo was inspired by a 1950s post-round quote from President Eisenhower: “There ought to be a law against asking a person what he shot.”
Available at
BUY NOW: $65

2. Foray Golf Women's Printed Bomber Jacket
This jacket features an all-over print celebrating women who’ve appeared in the pages of Golf Digest.
Available at
BUY NOW: $235

3. Needle Golf "Good, Good" Putter Head-Cover
Exude taste and protect your flat stick with this hand-stitched needle-point putter cover.
Available at

4. Dormie Work-Shop Throwback Rope Headcovers
These rope-connected Italian-leather covers are inspired by 1970s golf style and include a vintage Golf Digest logo.
Available at
BUY NOW: Starting at $125

5. PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer
Roll in more putts with this easy-to-transport training aid.
Available at
BUY NOW: $40

6. Crab & Cleek Flagstick Golf Pouch
Made from the same material as golf flags, this zippered carryall has you covered on and off the course.
Available at
BUY NOW: $63