Fans were asked how they'd improve golf. Their answers are horrifying

April 17, 2017
2016 Ryder Cup - Singles Matches

Keyur Khamar

David Lauderdale of the Island Packet posed a simple question at last weekend's RBC Heritage: What would you do to improve golf? Lauderdale received some thoughtful responses when interviewing various industry personalities. The consideration of said feedback had a slightly different tone, however, when Lauderdale traveled to Harbour Town's 18th hole, the de facto "party scene" for the Hilton Head Island event. Their answers, simply put, are horrifying.

A sample of Lauderdale's findings:

“If the golfers could play with no shirts on.”

Sorry, we've seen that one play out before, and it's no bueno.

“Food trucks.”

God help the poor bastards playing behind Beef Johnston.

"Have free beer at all golf courses."

Because hand-eye coordination is overrated.

“Nudity. Any form of nudity.”

See video above.

“Make sure the temperature’s warm and it’s always sunny.”

(Slaps forehead)

They weren't all terrible replies; we could definitely get behind mist fans located throughout the course. Moreover, golf's refusal to embrace a progressive approach has hurt it in the past.

That said, if the heads of the sport are searching for innovation, we recommend avoiding this particular crowd.