Add these colors to your look to stay on-trend and stylish going into fall golf season

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September 19, 2023

In the past, golf has always felt like it's a step behind the fashion world with top trends trickling onto the course slowly (if even at all). But as more fashion-focused brands get into golf and more golf brands work with more fashion-minded designers, the gap is closing and thus creating a more stylish game. Case in point, we noticed three color trends in fashion this fall that we hoped would show up in golf apparel collections—and were pleasantly surprised to see these colors show up in several recently-released fall collections. The three colors—cherry red, icy blue and neutral gray—are nearly opposites on the color spectrum to give golfers a range of choices for how to express themselves on the course during fall golf rounds and events. All three are also surprising versatile and able to match with golf's classic color palette of navy and black. So if you're looking to add a little extra style to your fall golf looks, here are our favorite men's and women's apparel items, accessories and golf shoes in each color to try out.


Bright red is not an unfamiliar shade in the golf world, Tiger Woods made Sunday Red an essential golf color. Cemented and proved during his first Masters win in 1997, Woods stole the show with a 12-stroke lead and a bold red Nike pullover. On a material level, the casual sweatshirt was unassuming. But that kicky firetruck-red hue said it all: I’m here to dominate this game. Nay, this sport. In fashion, we’ve seen burgundy have its moment, but for 2023, a more tomato-y red is the color poised to shine this fall. The bold color has more benefits than just giving you a more stylish, Woods-inspired wardrobe for fall, it’s also a color than can give you more energy and power on the course.

Multiple studies have shown that people wearing red dominate—especially in the context of a sporting event. One study that spanned the course of 60 years looked at the results of the best 68 English teams dating back to 1946. The results? Teams whose uniforms featured dramatic reds won more often.

According to fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, red is associated with high energy and power.

“On a biological level, we’re stimulated by red,” Karen said. “The perceiver and the wearer.”

This is because, as Karen confirmed, wearing red boosts the confidence of the wearer, the subtle results of which can make all the difference when it comes to performance. Red, simply put, is also striking and intimidating, possessing the ability to throw off other players as well.


Unlike the dramatic cobalts and stark navy’s so often classic palettes in our golf wardrobes, icy blue manages to be both subtle and bold, the perfect balance if you’re looking for a golf look that’s classy, stylish, and just a hint of intimidating (for those tournaments or foursomes that require a bit extra gamesmanship). Alone, as seen in Lululemon’s techy long-sleeve, the color is crisp and bright, ready to enliven any khaki trousers or white skort in your repertoire. And when used to achieve a color-blocking effect, as seen in Nike’s Tour Repel jacket, teal and lagoon are grounded by icy blue’s earthy cerulean—a perfect compliment to the forests and greens of the course in autumn.


The classic hue is having a moment. This season, say goodbye to the charcoal and matte grays of the grunge 90s and hello to the bright, crisp, tailored grays of contemporary golf wear. The stylish color is clean-cut and formal, thanks to modern silhouettes as seen in, for example, Peter Millar’s tailored puffer or the sleek cuts of the Adidas Samba golf shoe. An all-gray outfit (or, “groufit,” if you will) makes for an on-trend, but not too overt, course look. And if you prefer a more understated uniform, match any of these neutral pieces with your current staples (or any items throughout this list) for a versatile, timeless rendition.