Run it Back

ONE OF US II: DP World Tour pro putts out of bunker for second day in row, this time holes it

Sequels are so hot right now. There aren’t three more sizzling words in the English language than “run it back.” Harrison Ford is 80 years old and we’re about to get a new ‘Indiana Jones.’ The ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise just split its 10th installment into a trilogy. They’re already working on ‘John Wick 5’ and John Wick [spoiler alert] DIES AT THE END OF 'JOHN WICK 4.' Everybody, and we mean everybody, is doing it.

That includes DP World Tour pro Ewen Ferguson, who was seen putting from the bunker at the Porsche European Open on Thursday to great effect.

It could have ended there, but as we already discussed, it actually couldn’t have. During his second round of Friday, the Scotsman decided to launch a cinematic universe of his own with ‘BUNKER PUTTER II: PINSEEKER’

Like all sequels, this one ups the ante considerably. The bunker is deeper, the green is running away from him like Forrest Gump (still waiting for ‘Gump 2: Full Throttle’ by the way) and, oh yeah, he holes it. Roger & Ebert give it two thumbs way, WAY up.

We’ll see if Ferguson has the brass to go for the trilogy on Saturday.