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Everyone's punch line

February 10, 2009

John Daly has brought it on himself, but even in absentia he still garners attention, not in a flattering manner, either. Here are four examples just from the past week:

Ken Berger of "You don't try to go shot-for-shot with Kobe (or with John Daly, if you're in a bar)."

Mike Lopresti of USA Today: "They could blow kisses to the gallery, but nothing would move the needle like the sight of Tiger Woods with a club in his hand. That could mean even more money than John Daly's bar tab."

Ryan Wilson of "I think (Boo Weekley's) good for golf in much the same way John Daly was in the early '90s before beer-soaked Twinkies took over his life

Michael Zuidema of the Grand Rapids Press, on athletes who probably don't belong on Wheaties boxes: "John Daly -- unless pouring light beer over cereal now is both tasty and socially acceptable."

-- John Strege