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Every driving range should have an old car as a target

June 08, 2015

I made my grandma a few minutes late for mass on Sunday. But it was worth it. I was visiting her in Elmira, N.Y., and on our way to church, I saw a really cool driving range. Why so cool? Right in the middle of it, about 150 yards out, there's an old car that you can hit at.


I turned around to go check it out. It's pretty hilarious. An old car that hasn't had a prayer of running in years was towed right in the middle of the range. Everyone who comes to the range ends up being more concerned with adding a dent to the car than actually practicing. And I can see why: The sound of a ball hitting the car is pretty satisfying.

Part of me thinks that the owners put this target out to deter golfers from trying to hit the range picker that gathers balls throughout the day. Sorry, guys, but no matter what you put out there, the ball picker is always going to be the most fun target.