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Even Miguel Angel Jimenez can't always figure the celebration thing out

June 10, 2014

*Admit it, we could all use a little style guidance on and off the course. And so we introduce The Lifestyle Looper, a friendly voice that can help you navigate some of life's trickier situations. *

We'll start with one we've all encountered: on-course celebrations gone wrong. You drop a big putt, stick one close to the hole or crush a drive, and you and your playing partner attempt to share in the exaltation with a high-five, fist pound, chest bump, etc. However, one of you sticks out a fist while the other extends a slacked hand. You both try to accommodate the other's move, and the next thing you know you're locked in some awkward man-clasp that quickly dissolves in sheepish confusion.

Heck it happens to the best of us, as Miguel Angel Jimenez can attest. (In fairness, he did make up for it with a fantastic salsa dance afterward.)

The solution? Dictate the terms of your manly moment early in the round and stick to your guns. Whether your feeling fist bumps or bear hugs, commit to your move and execute it with confidence. It's a simple solution to a serious* problem plaguing men of all ages. Keep your cool and own your match-play moments on and off the course with confidence.

**OK, not necessarily "serious." *