ESPN might've just proven that Jordan Spieth isn't known by everybody in sports

January 29, 2016

Jordan Spieth's pursuit of the Grand Slam at the Open Championship in 2015 was one of the world's biggest sports stories last year. It looks like we found someone at ESPN, however, who wasn't paying attention to golf like the rest of us.

On a graphic teasing to highlights of Spieth playing the Singapore Open, ESPN misidentified the 22-year-old as Justin Spieth, instead of Jordan.

It's even more comical, too, because Spieth's buddy, Justin Thomas, has to hear about the narrative of being Spieth's friend whenever he's in contention -- instead of simply being a young, talented PGA Tour winner he has become. Now the tables are turned.

Maybe ESPN had Justin Thomas' name in mind? We'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, this was probably just a quick typo by a young SportsCenter production assistant. But it might also prove that Spieth has a little work to do before he becomes a household commodity. In time, at least.