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Erik Compton's Quest

November 24, 2008

New Jersey reader Scott Harris writes about Erik Compton's drive to make the PGA Tour. Though he missed advancing to the final stage of Q school last week by a stroke, Compton's story is nonetheless (as Harris writes) "awe inspiring"


...even more so for someone like myself who has gone through two heart transplant operations. I realized after my bypass operation, there are two roads we can travel. One is to follow the road of depression and feeling for ourselves or we can get off our butt and live life to the fullest, including playing golf at the highest level, as Erik is achieving, or as a weekend player, which I've been doing for forty-five years. My wife Meryl gave me only one choice. Don't lie in bed looking at the ceiling. She forced me get up, get dressed and get on with my life. I looked forward to playing more than I ever had in the past. Shooting 90 my first round after my operation was uplifting. A 78 my second round was unbelievable. If my story helps even one person realize we have choices, despite being confronted with sickness, it would have been worth it. Thanks for listening. Here's to good health.

And to Erik making it next year.

--Bob Carney